"New to Riverina Test & Tag is our service of radiation testing & tagging of Microwaves!"
This testing ensures that radiation levels being emitted from microwave ovens located in your workplace are within the allowable limits 5mW/cm2 set by the Radiation Health Committee.

Australian Standards
All work is carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3350 60335.2.25:2002. In service safety inspection & '4 way testing of microwave units' is carried out by a qualified technician.

Document / Certificate
All Microwaves tested are documented & a certificate provided as a record, which can be attached to your appliance register as well. This can be a record for external audits & workcover inspectors if required! Riverina Test & Tag provides two copies of this documentation to customers: #1 as a electronic copy & #2 as a physical copy with invoice.

Microwave Leakage Detector
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  1. Local Councils
  2. Residential Homes
  3. Small Businesses
  4. Commercial Businesses
  5. Hotels
  6. Supermarkets
  7. Factories / Workshops
  8. Offices
  9. Schools
  10. Restaurants
  11. And more...