Riverina Test & Tag provide on-site safety inspections, tagging & sales for Height Safety Equipment. We also provide sales of new harnesses & Height Safety products, as well as inspections of your existing height safety equipment / products. These include harnesses, lanyards (webbed, rope & retractable), adjustable safety ropes & static lines & fixed anchor & attachment points.

Height Safety Test & Tag
We provide height safety management, inspections and services; again all documented in registered format. This involves risk assessments, inspections and evaluations of safety lines and safety harnesses. We can also provide you with safety system designs and product sales.

Australian Standards
All inspections & work is carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards:
AS/NZS 1891-1983 Industrial fall-arrest systems, devices & harnesses.
AS/NZS 1891.4..2000 Industrial fall-arrest systems & devices. Use & maintenance.
AS/NZS 1891.4..2009 Industrial fall-arrest systems & devices. Use & maintenance.
AS/NZS .1..2007 Industrial fall-arrest systems, devices, harnesses & ancillary equipment.

Document Register
All items inspected are placed on a Height Safety Register as a record, which can be attached to a lifting equipment register as well. This can be a record for External audits & workcover inspectors if required! Riverina Test & Tag provides two copies of this documentation to customers: #1 as a electronic copy & #2 as a physical copy with invoice.

Trusted Suppliers
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  2. B-Safe
  3. petzl
  4. spanSet
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