Riverina Test & Tag provide on-site safety inspections and repairs for your existing lifting equipment. We also provide sales of new lifting & transport equipment. This includes grade 80 lifting chains, soft slings, transport gear and 4WD equipment.

Chains and Slings Chains & Slings
Riverina Test & Tag provide inspection & tagging services for G80 Lifting products / chains & G70 Transport gear; all documented in registered format. In addition we can supply sales & servicing for all the following related lifting products (chains, soft slings, hoists, winches and snatch/lever blocks), all transport gear (load chains, truck winches, dogs and ratchet straps) and recovery gear (snatch straps, shackles, TIRFOR winches and tow chains).

Australian Standards Australian Standards
All inspections & work is carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards:
AS/NZS 3775 Chain slings – grade T, Part 2: Care and use
AS/NZS 1352.2 Flat synthetic-webbing slings, Part 2: Care and use
AS/NZS 1666.2 Wire rope slings, Part 2: Care and use
AS/NZS 1438.2 Wire coil flat slings, Part 2: Care and use
AS/NZS 1380.2 Fibre rope slings, Part 2: Care and use

Document Register
All items are documented on Electrical Appliance Register (asset + appliance register all in one). This can be a record for external audits & workcover inspectors on & off site. Customers are provided an electronic copy & a physical copy with invoice.

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